When you have joined UnicornAdz the next thing you need to do is deposit funds to allow you to buy yourself one or more Subscriptions (Subs.) You can deposit funds quickly via Bitcoin, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Payeer and PerfectMoney.
There are 3 Phases you can join.
Unicorn 25 is $25 per Sub.
The other 2 Phases are Unicorn 60 and
Unicorn 120 which cost $60 and $120 per Sub respectively.
When you purchase a Sub it creates your FIRST position in your own matrix (placed under your sponsor in the next available spot).
Each position’s matrix is filled Top to Bottom and Left to Right. Example : As shown in an Exhibit image of a 2x1 matrix given below, position 2 is placed on the left side under Position 1 and Position 3 is placed on the right side and Position 4 goes to next row on the left and so on.

Then, every week you will also get a new position placed IN YOUR OWN MATRIX in the next available spot for the next 9 weeks giving a total of 10 positions per Sub purchased. This will automatically start to create spillover in your own matrix and that of others also.

Everyone else will also be getting new positions in their matrix each week from their Subs, so the whole matrix system is constantly moving with new positions being placed and paying you!

Each Level is a “SEPARATE MATRIX” in itself.
Levels CANNOT BE SKIPPED All Levels Are Filled One After The Other (1-5).

The first Level is just a 2x1 matrix, so as soon as just 2 positions fall under your position this completes Level 1 of your position and you receive a position in the Level 2 matrix (a 4x1) which is a separate matrix.

When just 4 positions fall under your position this completes Level 2 of your position and you receive a position in the Level 3 matrix (a 8x1).

When just 8 positions fall under your position this completes Level 3 of your position and you receive a position in the Level 4 matrix (a 16x1).

When just 16 positions fall under your position this completes Level 4 of your position and you receive a position in the Level 5 matrix (a 32x1).

When 32 positions fall under your position this completes Level 5 of your position

Please note that our compensation plan pays out on each spot getting filled without waiting for full level getting completed. This applies to member’s own matrix earnings as well as matching bonuses.

Whenever any Level of a position is filled (only the positions directly underneath that position need to be filled so 2 in Level 1, 4 in Level 2, 8 in Level 3 etc..) a position is then created in the NEXT LEVEL MATRIX. This "Upgrade" is done "AUTOMATICALLY for you" by the system (nothing more to pay!). When your position is created in the Next Level Matrix it will go under your previous positions in it (OR if this is your first position in that matrix, it will go under your Sponsor's position, creating the start of your own matrix at this Level). If your sponsor does not yet have a position in this matrix, it will go under his sponsor (and so on for 6 levels until it finds a position to be placed under).
In other words, the first position created in any Level Matrix is placed UNDER your sponsor "Follow Your Sponsor" BUT all subsequent positions are "Follow Me" . ie. they start to fill your own matrix (which is also within your sponsor’s!!).
HOW Your Matrix Is Filled In This AMAZING System?
YOUR MATRIX can get filled with the help of “YOUR UPLINE”, “YOUR DOWNLINE” AND “YOURSELF”.
1. From Your Upline (Your Sponsors and theirs......)

This implies spillover from your sponsor or sponsor’s sponsor and so on. This happens as you are within their matrix, so as their matrix fills this will also naturally create spillover for all their team, including you!!

Let's consider just Phase 1 - Unicorn 25 (for simplicity) This is a 2x1 matrix so it needs only 2 positions to complete the position at this Level since the matrix gets filled top to bottom, left to right, any further positions in the future will get automatically spill over to lower levels of this matrix and get placed in the next available spot.

Example :
As you can see in above Exhibit image that you join under your sponsor who also recruited few more people. Once your sponsor has filled his 2 spots under his first L1 position, the next positions coming in will spillover into the matrix of his referrals one after another. This is how spillover is created from sponsor.

Also … You can get spillover from your sponsor’s sponsor or his sponsor as well and so on. This works exactly the same way as above, causing a cascade of new positions filling other people’s matrix spots.

Also … This is a weekly Sub plan so the spillover can continue over time. Every new position created by any Sub from people above you will have to fall under their first position, creating lots more spillover for all those positioned below this person. Week after week this happens!

Also … t is necessary to renew at least 1 subscription every 6 months, so this will continue to create more spillover. Also… The SMART REPURCHASE RULE (see below) ensures continuous new Sub purchasing, creating more and more spillover under them.

Also … Any further recruits/referrals by anyone in your upline (who joined after you joined and bought a sub) will also get spilled under their downlines’ matrix positions, helping them complete their positions at this level.

*** There is NO Guarantee of spillover yet it is likely to come to everyone as the system has been designed in such a manner


Whenever any of your own referrals (or their people under them!) get a new Position created (whether from new purchases or from existing subscriptions), this will always fall into your own matrix, as they are following you as you are their sponsor! Multiple positions from each Sub purchased will spill under you which will help your positions complete at each level, as well as assisting your own team's positions complete.


All your own positions get placed in the form of subs week after week until 10th week. So it is certain that you will get minimum 9 positions from yourself in your matrix.

Your own 9 positions in U25 earn you back $6.75 if you have bought only one $25 Sub and i.e., 27% of amount deposited by you can come back to you ONLY from your own positions when placed in the matrix. This percentage increases to over 33% if you buy two $25 subs and reaches almost 40% if you buy six $25 subs. Please note that this is the minimum you can earn without counting the spillover and cashlink earnings. This percentage keeps increasing as addition of more positions keep pushing the earlier positions to next levels which earn higher payout.

You can now see, that you can get a minimum of 9 positions of your own in your matrix PLUS the crazy amounts of spillover as detailed above. UnicornAdz is totally unique and designed for YOUR SUCCESS!!


"Driving The Matrix!" Whenever any members (who have already recovered his amount deposited), places a withdrawal request, 40% of their withdrawal moves to their own Purchase Wallet (which they have to use to BUY MORE SUBS!!) ... This "forced" purchase of more Subs very cleverly keeps the momentum going in the business and helps everyone in their matrix to complete more positions at each level. 10% of their withdrawal is moved to their “Cash Link Wallet”… they use this to buy Cash Links for members (yet to recover amount deposited) to click on and earn.

Summary : Each member is allowed to withdraw 100% of his earnings till he/she “earns” the amount equal to their “amount deposited”. After this point, the following withdrawal rules applies :

50% can be withdrawn by the member into their Payment Processor
40% is transferred to the member’s Purchase Wallet for purchase more Subs
10% is transferred to the member’s Cash Link Wallet for placing Cash Link Ads
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