Welcome! Unicorn Adz is a 100% legal program and unlike a straight line matrix or company forced matrix program, where ultimately the lines stall, this is based around a Personal Forced Matrix with a UNIQUE TWIST. THIS TWIST is SO POWERFUL that it will certainly change your mind about matrix programs.

Unicorn Adz has been "Engineered For MASSIVE Spillover"!

It is a Subscription (Sub) based Program. When anyone buys a "Sub", he/she gets 10 new POSITIONS, 1 per week for 10 weeks. Each position is placed in Level 1 of the Matrix. Unicorn Adz has 3 Phases and in order to have positions in all 3 phases, you need to buy Subs in all 3 phases, although Phase 2 and Phase 3 are optional

Each Sub purchased gets you Banner Ad Credits, Text Ad Credits, Premium Ebooks, Splash Pages, Search Engine Submission credits and much more ...

Very Low Entry Cost of $25 Only
Every $2 position has the potential to earn over $10K
$25 Includes $5 Fast Start Bonus paid to your sponsors $2, $1, $1, $1
Matching Bonus over $3k
Earnings from the different levels (for EVERY $2 POSITION) are shown here:
Level 1 - (2x1) You receive 2 x $0.5 payments from other members. Total $1
Level 2 - (4x1) You receive 4 x $0.75 payments from other members. Total $3
Level 3 - (8x1) You receive 8 x $1.25 payments from other members. Total $10
Level 4 - (16x1) You receive 16 x $20 payments from other members. Total $320
Level 5 - (32x1) You receive 32 x $332 payments from other members. Total $10,624

So for each "Sub" purchased, 10 positions are created (1 every week) with the following income potential ...

10 Positions x ($1+$3+$10+$320+$10,624) = Income POTENTIAL $109,580 !!

REMEMBER, these are only your MATRIX earnings, you also earn from FAST START BONUS, MATCHING BONUS and Much More!!!

"MOST IMPORTANT" - You Do NOT Need To Fill Each Level To Get Paid!!


"2x1, 4x1 and 8x1 matrices are fine to fill but what chance have I got of filling the 16x1 and 32x1, especially if I do not recruit lots of people?"

NO PROBLEM ... DO NOT WORRY about FILLING ALL LEVELS as you GET PAID FOR EVERY NEW POSITION in a level, not just when it is full :-) The money is yours IMMEDIATELY and not held by the business... it goes straight into your own Cash Wallet !

THIS SYSTEM is VERY POWERFUL. You get paid as soon as the new positions arrive. NO WAITING to get paid!!

Remember... you will not have to fill these positions on your own, you will have many new positions continually arriving from:

1) New "Weekly" positions coming in from people ABOVE and BELOW you. Remember, each Sub creates a new position every week for TEN WEEKS!

2) New Subs. Creating new positions from new members coming into Unicorn, introduced by people ABOVE and BELOW you plus

3) Your own Weekly new positions from your own Subs.... this will just EXPLODE OVER TIME !!

ALL THE ABOVE PUT TOGETHER can result in HUGE HUGE Spillover... Unicorn is "Engineered For MASSIVE Spillover"!! Also, you can choose to earn from Phase 2 (Unicorn 60) and Phase 3 (Unicorn 120) as well :
  • Entry Cost of $60 Only
  • $60 Includes $10 Fast Start Bonus paid to your sponsors $5, $2, $2, $1
  • Every $5 position has the potential to earn over $32K
  • Matching Bonus over $12k
  • Entry Cost of $120 Only
  • $120 Includes $20 Fast Start Bonus paid to your sponsors $10, $5, $3, $2
  • Every $10 position has the potential to earn over $64K
  • Matching Bonus over $24k
If you join and build all 3 Phases your earnings can simply explode as you earn from multiple phases with same downline! Joining ALL THREE PHASES will maximise your earnings, as well as increase your own advertising capabilities.

That’s not all. You can also earn from our Unique "CASH LINKS SYSTEM" for just clicking member's links! CASH LINKS SYSTEM provides Opportunity for all NEW MEMBERS to Earn Quickly …When any member makes a withdrawal, you get opportunity to earn, even before referring anyone!!  Whenever any member (in profit), places a withdrawal request, 50% of their funds move to their “Cash Link Wallet”… they can only use this to buy Cash Links* which only NEW MEMBERS (those who are not yet in profit) can click on and earn! YOU CAN EARN BY CLICKING on Cash Links created by all the other members!!! A WIN-WIN position for ALL Members.

The above is an overview of Unicorn Adz. You have to fully see it to believe it... It is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY where you get the best possible quality products with a pay plan never seen before. Unicorn Adz is totally unique and has been created after many months of planning and design ... it is "Engineered For MASSIVE Spillover"

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